A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

By Holly Jackson

August 2020

This month I've decided to do something a bit different. I have read this book before, but rather than tell you what I thought about it, thought that it might be interesting to see what someone else thought of it.

Enter my friend Artemis,  who has agreed to let me share a conversation about what she thought of the book.

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A Sky Painted Gold 

By Laura Wood

July 2020

This book is filled with all the glitz and glamour the century has to offer. I felt that it transported me, to a village on the south coast of England and I really connected with the lead character, Lou.

Honestly, I'm a bit biased as I'm currently reading several books set in the early 1900s, but I really believe that this is a book that is worth your time reading!

I think that some of the themes in it, such as a biracial couple, mental disorders, guilt over grief, sibling jealousy, or marrying purely for monetary gains could be quite controversial, especially with a spectacular backdrop of the 20s but the mere fact that this book addresses them I believe is spectacular.

You wont find another book quite like this one and I also must add, it is simply so easy to pick up and start reading which tends to be a big bonus for me!

American Royals 

By Katharine McGee

June 2020

So, I'm going to start by saying, YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!

I was a little confused at the start, because it literally jumps straight into one of the characters, but it's my fault, really, because that's just the way that the book is written.

This book showcases an alternate universe, where America has a King rather than a democracy, and a royal family that the whole country looks up to. It shows the perspectives of:

Beatrice-The Heir

Samantha-The Spare

Nina-The Nobody

Daphne-America's sweetheart

There's more scandals, affairs, gold-diggers, forbidden romances than you can ever imagine, that all comes together in an absolute symphony of YA fiction  that is perfect for anyone into glitz, glam and fairytales.

Tell me what you think of it down below, and in the comments!

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Alice in Wonderland Fan 1886
3 years ago


3 years ago

I’ve read American Royals and I think that review of the book is accurate. This review definitely helped me to decide to read this book, and I value Athenas opinion deeply. I am definitely going to read all the other books she recommended and trust me, her opinion is completely honest and you can understand where she’s coming from.

3 years ago

OMG!This Blog changed my life. Athena is an amazing friend.❤️